Ed Gallagher

Head of Investment Banking

Ed began his career as a builder of businesses and turnaround executive by doubling the size of his hometown paper route in the 7th grade.  36 years of Wall Street leadership has further honed those skills.  Ed’s experience runs the spectrum from serial entrepreneur to CEO of an investor owned firm as well as multiple senior roles in the world’s largest investment banks such as Deutsche Bank, DLJ, and Paine Webber; and financial solutions providers including ADP and GoldenSource.  His global responsibilities have included successfully managing teams in the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Asia.  Having built, re-energized, and sold multiple businesses for himself and on behalf of investors and large corporations gives Ed a unique appreciation of the pressures CEO’s face when seeking capital for growth, strategic acquisitions, or the sale of a firm built with sweat equity.  He brings that rare insight to every investment banking transaction.