Pelion Investment Advisors (Pelion)is a Registered Investment Adviser committed to providing the very best investment advice to individuals and retirement plans.

Pelion works with clients to develop an asset allocation strategy based on each client’s portfolio goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance.  Our asset allocation recommendations may include allocations to equities, fixed income, alternative investments and hedge funds.

Since Pelion is unaffiliated with any investment advisor, our recommendations to the specific investment vehicles within these asset classes is based on what is best for our client.  Client accounts are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional which can custody most of the investment vehicles available and has industry low transaction fees.

Pelion receives an advisory fee based on the asset value of your portfolio; we do not charge any commissions based on transactions so any reallocations are again, based solely on what is best for our client.

To learn more about Pelion Investment Advisors, please contact Tom Carstens at 917-639-5476 or